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AboutThe Client

I graduated from College of Art and Design, Punjab University Lahore and then did my Masters (MFA) from the same institute.
As far as my memories take me back into the early years of my life, I remember two obsessions that always possessed me day in and day out consistently and persistently, namely my fascination for the built – heritage of my country and my fondness to play with wet clay. With the former I was enamored because of the vivacity, monumentality, diversity of surface treatment and above all its antiquity and Diasporas in time and space.


As regards wet clay, I am always impressed with its silken touch, its malleability to adapt to any shape; its readiness to bend, fold and mold; its agility to let it be carved and sculpted and the ease with which it facilitate artists to receive incised, appliquéd, relief and painted decorations. I have lived with these obsessions for a long time but always had the feeling that the two must be interwoven with each other and seen together in an anatomical relationship with each other. However, it took a long time before I succeeded in finding a successful and logical solution for this union of my two childhood dreams.