The Campaign Maker

Analyse, Plan, Design, and Develop


AboutThe Client

The Campaign Maker is a web based Facebook marketing platform that is designed specifically for Facebook marketers who want to automate and simplify their facebook marketing tasks.

Setting up a proper Facebook campaign can take hours to split test and optimize, while using The Campaign Maker we have been able to drastically reduce the time spent on setting up highly targeted and result oriented campaigns.

In addition to the speed and autonomous features of the campaign maker is the simplistic report that declutters and focuses on certain metrics that would make or break your campaign. This simplistic report is called the snapshot report that has proven to be extremely valuable to brand new marketers that would otherwise be confused and mislead with other marketing platforms.

The Campaign Maker is developed and managed by a Florida based Facebook marketing agency by the name of FUBSZ LLC which has managed 200+ clients and 2,000+ campaigns in 2015 alone.